2011 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Total run time: 83 minutes.


Dir. Cameron Nugent - Melbourne, Australia

Grandfather entertains with special trick

Al Servizio del Cliente (We Love Our Customers)

Dir. Beppe Tufarulo - Milan, Italy

Love in the grocery aisles

A Cidade e o Desejo Nº 5 (Cities and Desire Nº 5)

Dir. Gabriel Bitar - São Paulo, Brazil

Obsession results in city's construction


Dir. Claire Dix - Dublin, Ireland

Rainy recollections of love's blossoming

In That Moment

Dir. Shripriya Mahesh - New York, NY

Unmoving man moved by woman


Dir. Matthieu Saghezchi - Paris, France

Boy disturbed by bedtime visions

Avant la Nuit (Before Night)

Dir. Armin Mobasseri - Berlin, Germany

Runaway boy meets curious stranger

Dear Foreigner

Dir. Kate Jessop - London, England

Mother's love letter to son

Komma Ut (Coming Out)

Dir. Jerry Carlsson - Stockholm, Sweden

Boy tries telling parents secret


Dir. Tariq Rimawi - Amman, Jordan

Braving war's aftermath with flowers

The Third One This Week

Dir. Felix Thompson - New York, NY

Doctor hesitates delivering bad news

The Tannery

Dir. Iain Gardner - Edinburgh, Scotland

Where trapped animals' souls go

Tamoun Village

Dir. Mahmoud Hrebat - Ramallah, Palestine

Rustic living amidst political strife

Il Miracolo del Parmigiano (The Parmesan Cheese Miracle)

Dir. Giacomo Arrigoni - Milan, Italy

Traditional methods of making Parmesan

Still in Motion

Dir. Anna Moot-Levin - Palo Alto, California

Man struggles to overcome Parkinson's

My Name is Mitch

Dir. Michelle Yoon - Mississauga, Ontario

Oddball birdman is taught acceptance

Morning Songs

Dir. Thi-Von Muong-Hane, Vilakone Phachanthavong, Chongkham Phonekeo - Vientiane, Laos

Roosters squabble over sunrise recognition

Two Ladies & A Hill

Dir. Federico Forcolini - London, England

English pensioners track exotic prey

Placebus - Waiting for Godot's Bus

Dir. Michael Binz - Cologne, Germany

Rest home residents escape routine


Dir. Kate Tsang - New York, NY

Lonely imaginary friend remembers past


Total run time: 82 minutes.

Coupable(s) (Guilty)

Dir. David Tuil - Paris, France

Husband and wife's bitter duel


Dir. Robert Proch - Warsaw, Poland

Lively day at the mall

15 Summers Later

Dir. Pedro Collantes - Spain/Norway

Uncomfortable reunion with old acquaintance


Dir. Michael Rittmannsberger - Vienna, Austria

Tragic wake of sister's drowning


Dir. Elisabetta Balasso - Caracas, Venezuela

Woman reflects her ghostly other

The Arctic Circle

Dir. Kevin Parry - San Francisco, California

Man lured by mysterious box

Das Tub

Dir. James Cunningham - Auckland, New Zealand

Underwater dangers of surprising dimensions

Playing With Toys

Dir. Tito Guillen - Edmonton, Alberta

Action figure captivates unsuspecting man

El Proyecto (The Project)

Dir. Monica Naranjo - San Jose, Costa Rica

Zoological curiosity consumes man's time

Free as a Bird

Dir. Malak Quota - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Bird's exhausting struggle for freedom

Echando Cuentas (Making Counts)

Dir. Sergio de Vega - Madrid, Spain

Assessing life through statistical review

Bucle (Loop)

Dir. Aritz Moreno - Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Man trapped in fateful spiral

Naberete 9 (Dial 9)

Dir. Maria Stoyanova - Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone bureaucracy torments pregnant woman

Bon Anniversaire Petit Jean (Happy Birthday Little Jean)

Dir. Cédric Coppola - Marseille, France

Disconcerting background events during party

The Birthday Circle

Dir. Philip Lepherd - London, England

Generational conflict at family gathering

The Night Nurse

Dir. Terence White - Wicklow, Ireland

Bewildered nurse in psychiatric ward

Cuando Corres (When You Run)

Dir. Mikel Rueda - Madrid, Spain

Immigrant boy seeks risky escape

Nasos Verbannung (The Banishment of Naso)

Dir. Konradin Kunze - Berlin, Germany

What really happened to Ovid?


Dir. Ernesto Felipe Díaz, Hugo Llanas Lumbierres - Madrid, Spain

How to handle backstabbing tortoise

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SSSFF 2011 Venues


Wadsworth Atheneum

Hartford, Conn.

November 3-6, 2011

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Gallery X

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