2007 Short Short Story Film Festival

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An Excellent Choice

Dir. Jeff Austin - Los Angeles, CA

Changing clothes, or your outlook?

The Bouquet

Dir. Gary Harrington - San Anselmo, CA

Do women really appreciate flowers?


Dir. Jackie Liao - Forest Hills, NY

The wind carries them beyond.

Big Family

Dir. Didier-Victor Cohen - Paris, France

New York City birthday party?

The Red Balloon

Dir. Michael Olesen - Los Angeles, CA

A special gift for mom.

Hip Hip Hurray!

Dir. Dana Dorian - Glasgow, Scotland

Scottish boy discusses his birthday.

Making Do

Dir. Mary Tucker - Austin, TX

Trying to get Mom's attention.

Wood Diary

Dir. David Meyers - Henderson, KY

Inspiring routine of handicapped man.

Art's Desire

Dir. Sarah Wickliffe - New York, NY

Can paintee find new home?

The Collector

Dir. Michael Brady - Providence, RI

Flirting can have unexpected consequences.


Dir. Leah Dieterich - Los Angeles, CA

Relationship blooms in french letters.

Par Avion

Dir. Liz Van Verth - Brooklyn, NY

Postcards can carry you away.

Love On Track

Dir. Alison Heather - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Will misunderstanding undermine train romance?

Blue Dreams Downtown

Dir. Raiya Corsiglia - Los Angeles, CA

A magical and photographic romance.


Dir. Dony Permedi - Santa Monica, CA

Can a kiwi bird fly?

The Job

Dir. Jonathan Browning - Los Angeles, CA

Role reversal for the unemployed.

Homage to a Catalonian Christmas

Dir. Greg Wilcox - Des Moines, IA

Humorous, scatological Catalonian Christmas celebration.

The Formorian

Dir. Aideen McCarthy - County Dublin, Ireland

Warrior encounters mythical Irish creature.

Frog Jesus

Dir. Ben Peters - Vancouver, BC

Child conducts amphibious passion play.

Road Test

Dir. Matthew Lee - New York, NY

Road test experience from hell.

Jack The Ripper

Dir. Jonpaul Lewis - Las Vegas, NV

Memoirs and taunts from killer.

Crazy Love

Dir. William Van Cuyck - Santa Clarita, CA

You won't want his affection.


Dir. Dana Dorian - Glasgow, Scotland

Respect your dog or else!

A Child's Laugh

Dir. Jairaj Walia - La Habra Hts., CA

A second chance for lovers.

Bullet Proof Vest

Dir. May Lin Au Yong - Stanford, CA

Kids growing up too quickly.

Fish But No Cigar

Dir. Tara White & Lyn Elliot - University Park, PA

The many uses of "fish".

The Nothing Pill

Dir. Yu Gu - Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes it's easier to forget.

Presque Isle

Dir. John D. Reilly - Erie, PA

Don't disturb the old man.

Exact Change Only

Dir. Chuck Grieb - Eagle Rock, CA

Where is that last quarter?

Lucky Escape

Dir. Shane McCabe - Dublin, Ireland

Careful what you wish for…


Dir. James Pellerito - New York, NY

Prima donna abuses her coworkers.

Separate Vacations

Dir. Anne S. Lewis - Austin, TX

Separation anxiety at the kennel.

Happily Ever After

Dir. Lidia Sheinin - San Diego, CA

Romantic tragedy backwards and forwards.


Dir. Veronique N. Doumbe - New York, NY

Keep an eye on it!