2008 Short Short Story Film Festival

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How To Put A Square Peg Into A Round Hole

Dir. Mary C. Taylor - Kansas City, MO

Sometimes fitting in is difficult

The Parcel

Dir. Samantha Leriche-Gionet - Montreal, QC

Musical package delivers transcendent experience

Tango "Camisa"

Dir. Saida Kurpesheva - St. Petersburg, Russia

Woman dreams of romantic escape

Lost Friend

Dir. Susan Chien - Boston, MA

Losing and finding someone special

Free to Good Home

Dir. William Donaruma - Notre Dame, IN

Girl entrepreneur discovers real value

Tyttönen - The Young Girl

Dir. Fabian Giessler - Weimar, Germany

Young at heart and mind


Dir. Arjun Rihan - Los Angeles, CA

Love conquers all, even engineering

Katy Sullivan

Dir. Renee Brown - Pacific Palisades, CA

Inspiring tale of young runner

My Happy End

Dir. Milen Vitanov - Berlin, Germany

Two are better than one

The Dark

Dir. Thy Than - Santa Monica, CA

Girl's imagination scares, comforts her

Last Orders

Dir. Ben Peters - Vancouver, BC

Milkman takes time to remember

Germans in the Woods

Dir. Mike Rauch - Brooklyn, NY

An enemy soldier never forgotten

The Celestial Ox

Dir. Stacey Chomiak - Winnipeg, MB

Fable of benevolent blue beast


Dir. Dana Dorian - Glasgow, Scotland

Too cold or too hot?

The Stain on the Sidewalk

Dir. Adam Schlachter - Los Angeles, CA

Unrequited love torments a teenager

Finding Your Way

Dir. William Donaruma - Notre Dame, IN

Teddy helps man move beyond

Pop Corn

Dir. Mohamed Ezoubeiri - Chicago, IL

Unique look at buttery snack

Don't Make a Scene

Dir. Phil Allocco - New York, NY

Blind date from hell, filmed

The Inquisitive Snail

Dir. Adam Kirkham - Richmond Hill, ON

"Secrets are delicious" with mollusks

Lunch Time

Dir. Zina Papadopoulou - Den Haag, The Netherlands

When hunger consumes you, literally

Bloody Mary

Dir. Zina Papadopoulou - Den Haag, The Netherlands

Girl drinks and gets drunk

The Conversation

Dir. Julie Stevens - Los Angeles, CA

Companions talking past each other


Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Some consequences of reckless behavior

Missed Connection

Dir. Eric Joslin - Boston, MA

Life has many "what ifs"

Le Presage (The Omen)

Dir. Simon Rouby - Lyon, France

Primitive man sees disquieting future

Massacre at Murambi

Dir. Sam Kauffmann - Boston, MA

You and I are Liars

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay

Dir. Tim Schultz (Producer) - Broomfield, CO

New look at old philosopher

Columba Palumbus

Dir. Koldo Almandoz - San Sebastian, Spain

Death of family, in reverse

Sophie's Secret

Dir. Yen-Jung Chang - Forest Hill, Australia

A parasite become something beautiful


Dir. Scott Kravitz - San Francisco, CA

Death appears in unexpected form

The Heist

Dir. Ben Peters - Vancouver, BC

Greed leads to dangerous oversight


Dir. Jan Zabeil, Kristof Kannegiesser - Berlin, Germany

Revisionist take on historic tragedy


Dir. Telmo Esnal - San Sebastian, Spain

Where are we going, again?

Key Lime Pie

Dir. Trevor Jimenez - New York, NY

A dessert to die for