Womanimation! 2023 Films

Total run time: 83 minutes

쿠키 커피 도시락 (Cookie Coffee Dosirak)

Dir. Kang Minji, Kim Hyemi, Lee Kyunghwa, Han Byung-a
(Seoul, Korea)

A group of four women friends meet for cookies, coffee, and a picnic lunch. They eat, drink, laugh, and bond over stories recounting their different life choices and struggles with society's expectations.

13 min, 2D Computer

Goutte d'eau (Water Drop)

Dir. Selma El Malki (Lyon, France)

A grandmother is unable to cry over the death of her husband. She shares her struggle with her family, who gives her strange advice on ways to cry.

4 min, 2D/3D Computer

白布之下 (Under White)

Dir. Sun Li'an (Zhejiang Province, China)

Using memories of her grandfather's funeral as the theme, the director examines this close yet distant blood relationship and her re-understanding of death.

3 min, 2D, drawing on paper, live action

Миллионы алых роз (Millions of Scarlet Roses)

Dir. Galina Golubeva (Moscow, Russia)

A young officer fell passionately in love with a provincial actress who loves only flowers.

15 min, Stop-motion clay


Dir. Paola Luciani (Treviso, Italy)

Maria tells her story of making her way from rural Italy to Canada, following Angelo, who had left their small town a year earlier.

7 min, 2D Computer, photoshop

Zasićenje (Saturation)

Dir. Lucija Bužančić (Zagreb, Croatia)

Something grew out of the cracks and walls and occupied all the empty spaces in a little Mediterranean city. A look at its drastic transformation with the advent of tourism.

10 min, 2D Hand-drawn

Ich fühl mich FURCHTBAR!! (What the FRUIT is Wrong with Me??)

Dir. Sarah Rothenberger (Zurich, Switzerland)

A young woman is plagued by strange and comic symptoms. What could they possibly mean?

2 min, 2D, After Effects and Tvpaint mix

분노의 개구리 (Don't Die)

Dir. Park Yuseon (Seoul, Korea)

Inspired by an old Korean saying, "A frog dies from a stone thrown carelessly," a person throws a stone that kills a frog, but the frog returns to life and takes revenge.

5 min, 2D, Procreate, Adobe Premiere Pro

Testigo del Viento (Wind Whisperer)  *Jury Award Winner*

Dir. Fernanda Caicedo (Ecuador/Germany)

At the end of the horizon a singing cicada is born. Its flying is short, yet its chanting is eternal.

7 min, Stop-motion textiles, paper, organic materials w/computer effects.

La nuit blanche (The White Night)

Dir. Audrey Delepoulle (Lyon, France)

A courageous arborist spends an exhausting night with her colleagues trying to save their orchards from the destructive frost at all costs.

4 min, 2D/3D Computer

Piano in the Bushes

Dir. Dashka Dementeva (Tallinn, Estonia)

Empty handed head, mystery girl, piano key, new awakening.

7 min, 2D Procreate + After Effects

Носки для Звезды (Socks for the Star)
*Audience Award Winner*

Dir. Olga Titova (Moscow, Russia)

Dancing in cold space is dangerous, but close-knit friendship will keep you strong.

10 min, Stop-motion puppets

Womanimation! Audience Award 2023


A custom creation by Joanna Lurie

Womanimation! Jury Award 2023


A custom creation by Indra Sproģe

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