2008 SWAN Day RI - Fearless Femmes In Film

Segment 1 – Fun Films (40 minutes - all ages)
Ellen Lake

from Oakland, CA - visit her website and check out her Spoiler Alert Radio interview.

Trina’s Collections (6 min)

Trina is an eclectic collector. Her collections have to do with pop culture and with women, it's what she writes her books about.

Ann’s Hoard (7 min)

Ann considers herself more of a hoarder then a collector.

Lyn Elliot

from Pennsylvania, view her website and check out her Spoiler Alert Radio interview.

Lost and Found (13 min)

A crushed-out office worker seeks solace at the lost and found.

Know What You Mean (6 min)

A woman struggles to understand her date. It’s not what he means, it’s what he says. So to speak.

Cat Fight (5 min)

A woman accidentally disfigures her boyfriend’s cat. The relationship is endangered.

The Boy in the Air (2 min)

An enigmatic ad inspires a letter. The company writes back.

Segment 2 – Freaky Films (50 minutes - teens and up)
Fran Apprich

from Northern Ireland

The Cat (5 min)

An elderly couple is seemingly involved in a lovable marital relationship until a cat appears and uncovers flaws in the communication (or lack of) that exists between them.

Aideen McCarthy

from Ireland - visit her website and check out her Spoiler Alert Radio interview.

The Widow (15 min)

Helen, returning home after a funeral is forced to face the truth of losing her family forever.

Kari Jo Skogquist

from Golden Valley, MN - visit her website.

Face (1 min)

What’s in a face when it falls apart and comes back together?

Signe Baumane

from NYC/Latvia - visit her website. Also check out her Sundance coverage and her Spoiler Alert Radio interview.

The Witch and the Cow (3 min)

A tiny witch tries to milk an immense cow. Things get out of control.

Natasha (9 min)

A neglected housewife falls in love with a vacuum cleaner.

Woman (10 min)

A woman by herself is neither good nor evil. Neither is she a passive object of man's desires. It is all about interaction.

The Teat Beat of Sex (4 min)

Short lectures on sex given by a knowing woman. Very entertaining. Very informative. Very wild.

Trina's Collections
Ellen Lake
Teat Beat of Sex
Teat Beat