Womanimation! 2017 Films

Total run time: 83 minutes


Dir. Saffron Ardern-Sodje (London, England)

The Mother Goddess created herself from chaos at the beginning of time, and from her came all life on earth.

1 min, 2D

Catherine  *Audience Award Winner*

Dir. Britt Raes (Gand, Belgium)

Catherine showers love on pets, especially cats. As she grows up, she can not connect with other people, yet her affection for her animals sometimes has unfortunate consequences.

11 min, 2D computer

Добро Пожаловать (Welcome)

Dir. Polina Kutukina (Moscow, Russia)

A young arrogant rector arrives at a church and conflicts with an elderly yet spirited nun who has made the church her home.

7 min, stop-motion

The Hunchback and the Swan

Dir. Dotty Kultys (Bristol, England)

A tale within a tale of an outcast who lives among the animals of the forest. When he takes ill, he is aided by his friends and an unusual love.

10 min, 2D digital/Cut-out/Pixilation


Dir. Elisa Talentino (Turin, Italy)

The dandelion flower is the Spring oracle where legend says that lovers wish upon the flower and then blow the seeds away to make the wishes come true.

3 min, painting

Le Chant des Grenouilles (Frogs' Song)

Dir. Violaine Pasquet (Cresson, France)

A dark and lonely bayou takes us to the heart of New Orleans' traditions. Its music gives strength to live in a perilous habitat, where injustice is master of ceremonies.

11 min, stop-motion


Dir. Agnieszka Oleksiuk (Poznan, Poland)

A woman knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures.

1 min, 2D computer

Супный день (Bloomsday)

Dir. Vova Kompotik (Dnipro, Ukraine)

A man lives with his head down, living a melancholic life of routine. After his vivid dreams begin leaking into his life, he decides to take action.

9 min, 2D

WireLess  *Visual Vanguard Award Winner*

Dir. Szandra Pataki (Budapest, Hungary)

Made of an infinite steel wire, the inhabitants of a strange world survive through unusual interactions and connections.

7 min, stop-motion

The Empty

Dir. Jeong Dahee (Seoul, Korea)

A man spends his time in a woman's room creating futile little games with her memories, which accumulate before disappearing like dust. 

10 min, 2D


Dir. Katy Wang (London, England)

An astronaut stranded on a remote planet finds a glimmer of hope.

7 min, 2D computer

Domov (Home)

Dir. Aliona Baranova (Zlín, Czech Republic)

A man in a bar recounts his travels abroad, having discovered more about himself while encountering new places and people over the years.

6 min, 2D computer

Womanimation! Visual Vanguard 2017


A custom creation by Cypria Donato

Womanimation! Audience Award 2017


A custom creation by Lori Malépart-Traversy

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