Womanimation! 2011 Films

Angry Man

Dir. Anita Killi (Norway)

A dark childhood fable of the effects of domestic and child abuse. A film about secrets that shouldn't be secrets. Disturbing yet with a touch of whimsy and hope.

20 min


Dirs. Delphine Renard and Delphine Cousin (Belgium)

Based on a true story of a onetime fishing village literally left high and dry by the disappearance of the sea. Boris' parents plan to move north in search of a better life, leaving behind his friend Toumbil as well as the surreal desolate landscapes.

15 min

If We Meet

Dir. Jiamin Liu (Scotland)

An exploration of the shifting notion of self and desire through the changing perspectives of time. Reality and memory collide as one woman becomes three characters of girl, adult, and old woman.

5 min


Dir. Florentine Grelier (France)

Sexual fusion is not enough for Celine. She wants to know all about Matthew. Somewhere between a game and real uneasiness, the young woman seeks THE answer to her questions. And if it was simply Ru?

9 min

Screwed Up

Dir. Kris Hofmann (Austria)

A story of star-crossed (or maybe thread-crossed) love between a nut and bolt.

5 min


Dir. Margriet Westerhof (Netherlands)

Using sand, mud, and water, a tale of a mother preparing soup for her child, unaware that the bowl of soup is actually a universe unto itself.

5 min

The Man Who Slept

Dir. Inés Sedan (France/Canada)

A young woman is married to a man who is constantly sleeping. She is torn between the feeling of security he provides and the allure of a handsome street performer.

9 min

The Skeleton Woman

Dir. Sarah Van Den Boom (France)

A young housewife mourns her lost lover and dreams of escape from her daily drudgery. Hidden inside her, the skeleton woman is waiting to be saved.

9 min

The White Snake

Dir. Ying-Fang Shen (Taiwan/USA)

A re-telling of a classic Chinese folk tale in which a young man encounters two snakes in the disguised form of seductive women.

15 min

To Have & To Hold

Dir. Jessica Polaniecki (NYC, USA)

A woman's lifetime's worth of memories is revealed through ordinary objects.

4 min

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