2022 Short Short Story Film Festival

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2022 Short Short Story Film Festival

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All US Premieres except Globe indicates World Premiere.

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Total run time: 77 minutes

Camera 7 dosis de dopamina (7 Doses of Dopamine) 7 dosis de dopamina (7 Doses of Dopamine)

Dir. Virginia Rodriguez - Madrid, Spain

Love seen through seven life stages

Camera Sisters Sisters Globe

Dir. Mat Owen - Bangor, Wales

Two grieving sisters reunite and quarrel

Camera Vstrecha (The Encounter) Vstrecha (The Encounter)

Dir. Aleksandra Krivolutskaia - Moscow, Russia

Woman’s visit home stirs childhood memories

Camera Llave de oro (The Golden Key) Llave de oro (The Golden Key) Globe

Dir. Ofer Gottesman - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mother comforts son in crime's aftermath

Camera Good Daddy Good Daddy

Dir. Yixin Hu - Chengdu, China

Dad indulges, but remembers daughter's needs

Camera Cabanga Cabanga

Dir. Odín Solís Andrade - Mexico City, Mexico

Family’s struggle in maintaining inherited business

Camera Nom d'une plante ! (In the Name of Plants) Nom d'une plante ! (In the Name of Plants)

Dir. Hervé Bressaud - Avon, France

Appreciating plants that you often overlook

Camera The Anniversary The Anniversary

Dir. Anna Honcharova - Kyiv, Ukraine

Woman observes ceremony despite absent husband

Camera From Here To There From Here To There

Dir. Remy Ryumugabe - Kigali, Rwanda

Old wise woman reflects on existence

Camera El Sepulturero (The Gravedigger) El Sepulturero (The Gravedigger)

Dir. Juanca Arniz - El Puerto de Santa María, Spain

Boy undertakes apprenticeship in unique cemetery

Camera Aviones (Planes) Aviones (Planes)

Dir. Amaia Yoldi - Madrid, Spain

Complacent about life, Estrella misses opportunities

Camera Hello Obakeng Hello Obakeng

Dir. Tsholofelo Tselaemang - Cape Town, South Africa

Relationship reestablished while at swimming pool

Camera Paperi (The Paper) Paperi (The Paper)

Dir. Katariina Haukka - Turku, Finland

Writer's block takes on new life

Camera Autorretrato com Marcos Santos (Self-portrait with Marcos Santos) Autorretrato com Marcos Santos (Self-portrait with Marcos Santos)

Dir. Zoran Djordjevic - São José dos Campos, Brazil

Brazilian artist overcomes disability to create

Camera Bizarre! Bizarre!

Dir. Stéphane Canet - Veigy-Foncenex, France

Rainy day exchange with older gentleman

Camera What Time is It? What Time is It?

Dir. Eric Giessmann, Piers Goffart - Dormagen, Germany

Time traveler tries advising younger self

Total run time: 75 minutes

Camera Juni and Evy Juni and Evy

Dir. Matilde Senos - Almada, Portugal

Pair of birds frustrate two young lovers

Camera A L'Unisson! (In Unison!) A L'Unisson! (In Unison!)

Dir. Camille de la Poëze - Paris, France

Ambitious politician performs act of compassion

Camera Cameraman Devdutt Ke Saath Govind Ahuja (With Cameraman Devdutt, this is Govind Ahuja) Cameraman Devdutt Ke Saath Govind Ahuja
(With Cameraman Devdutt, this is Govind Ahuja)

Dir. Kartik Hegde - Mumbai, India

Conflict between media and true believers

Camera Before Heaven Before Heaven

Dir. Ahmad Heydarian - Tehran, Iran

Unusual house residents resist inevitable replacement

Camera A guerra finita (An End to War Enough) A guerra finita (An End to War Enough)

Dir. Simone Massi - Pergola, Italy

War's unending toll on innocent victims

Camera Power Of Propaganda Power Of Propaganda Globe

Dir. Argen Kenesh - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Viewpoints determined by indoctrination of location

Camera Catastrophe Catastrophe

Dir. Mocong Yuan - London, England

Schrödinger’s Cat experiment yields surprising results

Camera Okay Okay Globe

Dir. Adél Páll - Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

Girl battles to become more assertive

Camera Aminata Aminata

Dir. Josep Francesc Valero - Barcelona, Spain

Woman’s internal struggles while held captive

Camera Dysmorphia Dysmorphia

Dir. Malgorzata Nowicka - Espoo, Finland

Perception of body warps around others

Camera Float Float

Dir. Seung Ah Choi - Seoul, Korea

Floundering in sea of life’s ordeals

Camera Us Us Globe

Dir. Nika Zhukova   Eli Hofman - Jerusalem, Israel

Destructive dance entwines humanity and nature

Camera Guan Yin Guan Yin

Dir. Xinyan Wei - Chengdu, China

Desperate man considers, regrets shameful transaction

Camera Сороковой (40th) Сороковой (40th)

Dir. Eduard Dzhafarov - Chekyabinsk, Russia

Fisherman returns home to uncanny discovery

Camera Nothing's Left Nothing's Left

Dir. Davide Pellino - Avellino, Italy

Entity stuck in escalating incentive loop

Camera Connection Connection Globe

Dir. Mohsen Ranjbar - Paris, France

How relationships change when Wi-Fi disconnects

Camera Slogans Slogans

Dir. Theo Riviere - Ozoir La Ferriere, France

Advertising campaign drives employee to madness

Camera 光はきみをてらさない (Light Doesn't Shine on You) 光はきみをてらさない (Light Doesn't Shine on You)

Dir. Koki Saito - Tokyo, Japan

Blurring reality while recalling childhood memories