The 11th Annual Short Short Story Film Festival

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How do filmmakers tell a story in under six minutes?

We found out at the 11th annual Short Short Story Film Festival!

The Short Short Story Film Festival is a competitive international festival of films that tell a story in under six minutes, celebrating brevity in filmmaking with both live-action and animated films.

The festival has taken place every November since 2007, in Providence and other cities in the northeastern United States.

To learn more about the festival concept and history, click here.

Festival Details

Twenty-two countries from four continents were represented, with 28 films making their U.S. premieres, including several world premieres.

Culled from hundreds of submissions, two programs, Heartstrings and Headtrip, each showcase seventeen films tightly sequenced in under ninety minutes, each program having a distinctive tone yet wide-ranging styles and topics.

Festival Awards

In a first for the festival, for both programs, the audience and jury selected the same winners. No collusion, though!

For the Heartstrings program, the winning film was Laymun, a mixed media animation from UK directors Catherine Prowse and Hannah Quinn.

For the Headtrip program, the winner was Fiaskó, a stop-motion film from Hugarian animator Szabolcs Nagy.

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Saturday, November 25th
Providence, Rhode Island

at AS220's 95 Empire


SSSFF 2017 Venues

95 Empire

95 Empire

Providence, RI

Sat., November 25th

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