About MergingArts

MergingArts Productions produces cultural events and radio programming related to music and visual arts.

MergingArts Productions reaches out to communities both locally and globally.

Who We Are

MergingArts Productions is a tax exempt non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Rhode Island, United States.


Toni Pennacchia

Toni is the Creative Director of MergingArts. She has over 15 years of radio experience both as a DJ and music director for genres including folk, world, and blues. Her love of film began while working in the audio-visual department of the library - remember libraries? She has a business degree from CUNY and has worked as a technical support specialist for the last ten years, currently supporting applications for distance learning in higher education. She can hula-hoop for more than five minutes at a time.

Paul Elsnau

Paul is the Managing Director of MergingArts. He has been involved since the turn of the century in in non-commercial radio in both on-air and audio production capacities. Before joining MergingArts, he was at various times involved in music promotion, community theatre, and film festival work. For the past several years, he has developed creative web based solutions for commercial and non-profit organizations. He does not play foosball at work.

Board of Directors

Jessica Wilson

Jessica has 20 years of professional and community theater experience as an actor, tech, designer, director and playwright. She serves on the governing Boards for several theater groups and music festivals. In addition to her full-time career in healthcare and her theater work, Jessica is a radio personality/disc jockey, artist, and musician.

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For general questions, contact mergingarts@gmail.com.

For film festival questions, contact mergingartsfilm