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Womanimation! 2017

Women ... Animation ... Womanimation!

Womanimation! is a festival showcasing acclaimed animated short film stories created by women from around the world.

The 2017 festival, the 9th edition, takes place Saturday, July 8th at AS220 in Providence, RI.

Submit Your Film

We are now accepting submissions! Click here for details on the submission process. Submission deadline is 5th June, 2017.

Festival "Herstory"

To find out more on the previous eight festivals, click here.

#SaveWUMD from RIPR Takeover


WUMD, 89.3 FM in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, a non-commercial college and community radio station with a 45-year history, is under attack.

Leadership at Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) have made secret dealings with UMass Dartmouth administration to purchase the frequency and simply rebroadcast nationally-produced syndicated shows such as All Things Considered.

This will remove one of the few remaining independent music and alternative features stations in the area.

To fight this, the station members have set up a facebook page.

MergingArts recently produced an episode for the Sprouts syndicated radio program. Click here to listen to The Tenuous Future of Grassroots Radio.

Short Short Story Film Festival
Box Logo LittleThing PinkVelvetValley Giulia HistoryofOtherTouches Combo Logo UncleAntlers Geôlier (+relationships) L'heureduthé Box Logo GoodbyeMargaret Abril FrankfurterStr.99a Sugar Combo Logo Noorderzon LakshmiAayiHai Gleichgewicht Finito Box Logo Paniek! FrogPerspective KillingPool Razgovor Combo Logo Rubik AndThen Basura Swarm Box Logo Poilus Reynard,thetaleofthefox TeQuiero,Papa AboutTime Combo Logo Betibezperakokoplak LeSommetBleu TheLastBreath Box Logo TheRight Shikoof Míramealosojos

The Short Short Story Film Festival is a competitive international festival of films that tell a story in under six minutes.

The 10th edition of the festival took place late November and early December 2016, in Providence, RI and Worcester, MA.

Click here to read more details of the 2016 festival.

To learn more about the festival concept and history, click here.

World Music Charts

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SSSSF 2016

Mark's Poster

Thanks to Mark Zajac for our 10th anniversary commemorative poster.

SSSSF 2016

SF 16 Poster

Thanks to Janice Chun for our festival flyers.

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Spoiler Alert Radio

A weekly broadcast and podcast featuring conversations on the craft of filmmaking.

For more information about the program, click here.

This week's episode:

Michael Dudok de Wit - Oscar winning Animator, Director, and Illustrator - The Monk and the Fish, Father and Daughter, The Aroma of Tea, and The Red Turtle

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SSSSF 2016 Jury Awards

Jury Awards

Custom awards from Elliot Cowan.

SSSSF 2016 Audience Awards

Audience Awards

Custom awards by Shaina Pakravan and Chloé Alliez.