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Featuring a cross-cultural musical journey united in voices and rhythms, Transworld Airwaves broadcasts every other Sunday evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Eastern (US) on WZBC 90.3 FM in Boston, Massachusetts.

WZBC is a broadcast service of Boston College in Newton (Boston).

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ArtistSong TitleRecordingLabel
Tuulikki BartosikPrimary ReceptionPrimary Reception - EPCrónica
CudamaniPengaksama (Asking Forgiveness)Bamboo to BronzeCudamani
Sole AzulOn Haaveet HaaveitaQuasi Tango *Eclipse Music
Jako el MuzikanteNoches NochesVen al Luna Park *Xurxo Fernandes
Aviva ChernickEsta Montana D'EnfrenteLa Serena *Aviva Chernick
Saraswathi RanganathanIn Search of SerenityThe Magic of Veena, Vol. 3Ensemble of Ragas
Lajkó FélixFrom the DitchLajkó Félix & VOĊOSI *Fonó Budai Zeneház
Vedan KolodSe Bo YascheteWolf's Path *Firestorm Production
VimmaTarina - A StoryMeri ja avaruus *Eclipse Music
ZemeVisuma Vizosa Tumsa/The Glimmering UniverseVisuma Vizosa Tumsa *CPL-Music
Lakou MizikManman Lavi (feat. The Soul Rebels)HaitiaNola *Cumbancha
Dhoad Gypsies of RajasthanMaharani Longing For MaharajaTimes of Maharajas *ARC
Invisible SystemEbah (Proud Mothers)Dance to the Full Moon *Arc Music
KOKOKO!KitokoFongola *Transgressive
Francois Couture, Antoine Malette-Chenier, Jean-Luc CoteHumoresqueLa suite au chalet *Disques BOGHEI Records
Hamid SakhizadaI Will Return (from Bamiyan)Dai Raft *Lidio

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