Spoiler Alert Radio

Spoiler Alert is a term used when crucial elements of a movie are about to be revealed.

Spoiler Alert Radio features conversations on the craft of filmmaking.

For any questions about syndicating or being a guest on the show, contact us at mergingarts@gmail.com.

Who's on the Show

Spoiler Alert Radio presents engaging conversations with host Toni P. providing a retrospective look at independent artists in filmmaking: cinematographers, composers, editors, production designers, set decorators, sound designers, writers, animators, and more, from across the globe.

Participating filmmaker interviewees may not be household words, but they all have notable achievements in their respective fields.

Many have participated in top-level film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, and Annecy. They have won both festival awards and other prestigious awards like BAFTAs, Oscars, and Goyas.

Featuring casual conversation that is both entertaining and educational, Spoiler Alert Radio is for anyone interested in the state of independent film today, from film festival lovers to film students to international film professionals, both up-and-coming and veteran.

Hear the Show

Spoiler Alert Radio can be heard on select Pacifica Network affiliates, including the following:

  • WZBC (90.3 FM) Boston, MA
  • BSR/WBRU-LP (101.1 FM) Providence, RI
  • WRIU (90.3 FM) Kingston, RI
  • CHSR (97.9 FM) Fredericton NB, Canada
  • WOOL-LP (91.5 FM) Bellows Falls, VT
  • WBTV-LP (99.3 FM) Burlington, VT
  • WCAA-LP (107.3 FM) Albany, NY
  • WXPI (88.5 FM) Williamsport, PA
  • REC Delmarva FM Riverton, MD
  • WGRN (94.1 FM) Columbus, OH
  • WLXU (93.9 FM) Lexington, KY
  • WCRX (88.1 FM) Chicago, IL
  • WHYR (96.9 FM) Baton Rouge, LA
  • KUT (90.5 FM) Austin, TX
  • KRFP-LP (90.3 FM) Moscow, ID
  • KRBX (89.9/93.5 FM) Boise, ID
  • KROV (91.1 FM) Oroville, CA
  • KRJF (92.3 FM) Santa Rosa, CA
  • KCBP (95.5 FM) Modesto, CA
  • KPPQ-LP (104.1 FM) Ventura, CA
  • GCR3 Global Community Radio, North America

You can subscribe to the podcast episodes via iTunes or the RSS feed here.

Episodes of the show have been featured on the Pacifica syndicated program Sprouts.


Downloads of the show are available from Pacifica's Audioport, PRX, or the Spoiler Alert Radio website.

Downloads are available in either mp3, mp2, or wav format.

The show can encoded as 128 or 192kbps, 16 or 24-bit, mono or stereo.  Running time is 29:00 with 1:30 intro/outro, and three roughly eight-minute segments with two 0:30 breaks.

Edited segments can be made available for rebroadcast.

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Spoiler Alert Radio

A weekly broadcast and podcast featuring conversations on the craft of filmmaking.

For more information about the program, click here.

This week's episode:

Kajsa Naess - Norwegian Animator - Deconstruction Workers, It's Up To You, It Was Mine, and Titina

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