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Top Plays for the Week

1Lula PenaArchivo PittorescoCrammed Discs
2Found Sound NationTravelers: Dosti Music ProjectFound Sound Nation
3Cilantro BoomboxShineCilantro Boombox
4Omar Sosa and Seckou KeitaTransparent WaterTa Records/Melodia
5NiyazThe Best of NiyazSix Degrees
6Musique A BouchesJusqu'aux OreillesHearth Music
7Rafael and Energia DominicanaEnamorarse en la playaArc Music
8Zaire 74Zaire 74: The African PerformersWrasse Records
9Mor KarbasiOjos De NovaAlama Records
10Sonia AimyNigerian SpiritSaimy's Art

Adds for the Week

Cafe TacvbaJei BeibiMelotron
Omar SouleymanTo Syria, With LoveMad Decent Records
Flor de ToloacheLas Caras LindasChulo Records
Kasai AllstarsAround FeliciteCrammed Discs
MeklitWhen the People Move, The Music Moves, TooSix Degrees

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Sally Levi - Set Decorator - Five Nights in Maine, Heaven's Floor, It Comes At Night, Patti Cake$, Spinning Man

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