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Top Plays for the Week

1OndatropicaBaile BucaneroSound Way Records
2Synthesize the SoulAstro-Atlantic Hypnotica from the Cape Verde Islands 1973 - 1988Ostinato Records
3Omar Sosa and Seckou KeitaTransparent WaterTa Records/Melodia
4Cilantro BoomboxShineCilantro Boombox
5MANdolinMANUnfolding The RootsArc Music
6NeotoliaNeotolian SongInterrobang Records
7Nathaniel Braddock and Balla KouyateQuadrille and CollapseNathaniel Braddock and Balla Kouyate
8AquasergeLaisse Ca EtreCrammed Discs
9Torgeir WaldemarNo Offending BordersJansen Plateproduksjon
10NiyazThe Best of NiyazSix Degrees

Adds for the Week

Joji Hirota and The London Taiko DrummersJapanese TaikoArc Music
OgalODecousuHearth PR/socan
Oumou Sangare MogoyaNo Format
Found Sound NationTravelers: Dosti Music ProjectFound Sound Nation
Musique A BouchesJusqu'aux OreillesHearth Music

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Michael Dudok de Wit - Oscar winning Animator, Director, and Illustrator - The Monk and the Fish, Father and Daughter, The Aroma of Tea, and The Red Turtle

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