Womanimation! 2024 Films

Total run time: 85 minutes

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Camera TouchTouch

Dir. Anastasiia Martyniuk (Mariupol, Ukraine)

International Premiere

A short tale of unprecedented bravery in forging close connections with another person

1 min, 2D, Procreate Dreams

Camera Becarias (Interns)Becarias (Interns)

Dir. Marina Donderis, Núria Poveda, Marina Cortón
(Valencia, Spain)  *Audience Award Winner*

East Coast Premiere

Three young friends face the challenge of paying rent for their shared apartment each month

10 min, Stop Motion - Dragonframe

Camera 3:12 pm Wednesday3:12 pm Wednesday

Dir. Jin Woo (Korea/Poland)

US Premiere

Wednesday at 3:12 pm, I sit in my room, look out the window, and daydream. Am I a bird? Am I a fish? Or are they me? The dream of my existence begins.

5 min, 2D, Procreate, TVPaint, After Effects

Camera Les oiseaux (The Birds)Les oiseaux (The Birds)  *Jury Award Winner*

Dir. Christel Hortz (Marcinelle, Belgium)

US Premiere

My mother is a storyteller whose words both rocked and pierced me. A prolific storyteller, sad and enigmatic, whose birds gradually peck the memory…

4 min, 2D animation with objects

Camera CampingCamping

Dir. Sacha Michaud (Calgary, Canada)

US Premiere

Shawna, a young woman living in an urban encampment, attempts to find housing. This was a community project, written by people with the lived experience of being unhoused.

7 min, 3D Stop Motion with puppets

Camera 相片中的女兒 (Daughter in the Family Portrait)相片中的女兒 (Daughter in the Family Portrait)

Dir. Peng Yu-Wen (Hsinchu County, Taiwan)

World Premiere

A memory of taking a family portrait reveals the delicate relationship between the family. The daughter felt helpless when she saw her parents quarreling. The collapse of the Buddha statue symbolizes the collapse of the daughter's mind. Adapted from the director's personal experience, she transformed the suffering she endured from her parents into animation.

3 min, 2D Computer, TVPaint, Photoshop, Premiere

Camera Прощайте, люди (Goodbye, People)Прощайте, люди (Goodbye, People)

Dir. Anna Klimanova (Moscow, Russia)

International Premiere

The story of a boy, who is looking for ways out of big problems in his little world

4 min, 2D

Camera Nuits blanches (Sleepless Nights)Nuits blanches (Sleepless Nights)

Dir. Janis Aussel (Rennes, France)

US Premiere

Sleepless nights. Sensations, emotions that we don't understand. Those who suffer from sleep disorders confide in us their questioning and their fatigue, the relentlessness to understand, sometimes in vain, this body that does not sleep. The search for meaning, the hope of a rest that does not come.

11 min, Paper cut-out, Painting

Camera Ice LollyIce Lolly

Dir. Vaishnavi Laddha (Pune, India)

US Premiere

A heartfelt reminder to savor life's simple pleasures and not postpone our dreams for the future. This film celebrates the beauty of living in the moment, urging us all to treasure life's sweetest moments as they come.

3 min, 2D Computer, Callipeg, Photoshop, Procreate, After Effects

Camera OxideOxide

Dir. Emma Daelman (Brussels, Belgium)

US Premiere

Two traumatised creatures, seeking closeness within an abandoned bus shelter, grapple with the blurred lines between connection and separation.

6 min, Stop Motion - Dragonframe, Nuke and Houdini for VFX

Camera ChickenChicken

Dir. Anna Benner (Berlin, Germany)

US Premiere

What do we burn when our world is already on fire? A woman running from a terrible relationship finds herself eye to eye with a chicken. They share a moment, a cigarette and a desire to burn down everything around them to soothe their respective wounds. A painted flight of fancy about the elation that comes with breaking out of a cycle of pain.

8 min, Digital hand-drawn rotoscope

Camera PorousPorous

Dir. Cecilia Reeve (London, England)

US Premiere

In a dreamlike narrative, a woman takes a bath and reflects upon her past experiences; submerged in the water she enters a space out of time. An existentialist film questioning the boundaries the between body and the outside world, between water and skin.

4 min, Paint on glass, Digital 2D, Gouache on paper

Camera FelinaFelina

Dir. María Lorenzo (Alicante, Spain)

East Coast Premiere

Felina is a woman who can turn into a panther, or maybe a panther who can turn into a woman. She is in love with a blind pianist to whom she does not want to reveal her nature. However, one day she receives unexpected news: she is pregnant with cubs.

12 min, 2D - Blender

Camera Bar La MatanzaBar La Matanza

Dir. Bela Tagliabue (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

International Premiere

The story of Suyana, a person who became what others think of them. In order to change their destiny, they must rebel against their own image.

5 min, Stop Motion

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