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Womanimation! 2018 Films

Total run time: 83 minutes

Veselka (Wedding Day)

Dir. Zuzana Čupova (Zlín, Czech Republic)

The story of a Czech folk wedding featuring music from Dvořák's Slavonic Dance no. 1.

3 min, 2D digital

Gelato – Die sieben Sommer der Eisliebe (Gelato - Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love)

Dir. Daniela Opp (Hamburg, Germany)

Molly gets a job as a dog walker for an elderly woman who tells her the history of Gelato in Germany through the summers of her youth.

12 min, 2D Computer

Le'atzil Et Pooh (Saving Pooh)

Dir. Julia Trachtenberg (Be'er Sheba, Israel)

An almost forgotten childhood memory of a woman trying to save her only friend.

3 min, 2D Animation, 3D, Cut-outs

L'après-midi de Clémence (Clemence's Afternoon)

Dir. Lénaïg Le Moigne (Angoulême, France)

Artistic and sensitive Clémence struggles to fit in with the other children during a day in the country with her parents.

10 min, charcoal and colored pencil on paper

The Diver

Dir. Daniéla de Lange (Cape Town, South Africa)

An insecure young woman is self-conscious about her passion for diving.

2 min, 2D, Vector

Чик-Чирик (Tweet-Tweet)

Dir. Zhanna Bekmambetova (Moscow, Russia)

A fearless and light-hearted sparrow accompanies a woman through her life on a tightrope.

11 min, 3D

Peace Carpet

Dir. Ziba Arzhang (Tehran, Iran)

Characters come to life in a carpet vendor's stall, as a pregnant camel tries to evade her pursuers.

4 min, 2D

Nachtstück (Nocturne)

Dir. Anne Breymann (Berlin, Germany)

At night the forest creatures gather to gamble, putting their innermost at stake.

5 min, Stop Motion

À Chacun sa Malédiction (Count Your Curses)

Dir. Lorène Yavo (Brussels, Belgium)

As something keeps killing their house spirits, two roommates investigate solutions to their pest problem.

9 min, 2D

Aquário (Aquarium)

Dir. Alice Andreoli Hirata (São Paulo, Brazil)

The life of a fish parallels its owner's boring routine.

2 min, Traditional and 2D computer animation

Pépé le morse (Grandpa Walrus)

Dir. Lucrèce Andreae (Paris, France)

A grandmother leads her offbeat family to the favorite beach spot of her late husband for a bizarre ritual to commemorate his death.

15 min, 2D

A Chronic Circus

Dir. Helen Woolston (Cannich, Scotland)

A bored cow is inspired by a visiting circus to find some means of self expression.

6 min, 2D drawn

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