2007 Short Short Story Festival Awards

Heartstrings Award

Excellence in emotive storytelling

Wood Diary

Directed by David Meyers - Henderson, KY

Also Nominated:

Love On Track

Directed by Alison Heather - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Par Avion

Directed by Liz Van Verth - Brooklyn, NY

Soul Of Wit Award

Excellence in clever wordplay

Fish But No Cigar

Directed by Tara White & Lyn Elliot - University Park, PA

Also Nominated:

Lucky Escape

Directed by Shane McCabe - Dublin, Ireland


Directed by Leah Dieterich - Los Angeles, CA

Thousand Words Award

Excellence in wordless presentation...
"a picture is worth a thousand words"

Blue Dreams Downtown

Directed by Raiya Corsiglia - Los Angeles, CA

Also Nominated:

Art's Desire

Directed by Sarah Wickliffe - New York, NY

Presque Isle

Directed by John D. Reilly - Erie, PA

Imagination Award

Excellence in artistic vision

Happily Ever After

Directed by Lidia Sheinin - San Diego, CA

Also Nominated:

The Formorian

Directed by Aideen McCarthy - County Dublin, Ireland

The Nothing Pill

Directed by Yu Gu - Los Angeles, CA

Audience Award

as selected by those in attendance

The Job

Directed by Jonathan Browning - Los Angeles, CA

Runners Up:


Directed by Dony Permedi - Santa Monica, CA

Wood Diary

Directed by David Meyers - Henderson, KY

"Rammie" Award

special award for unique achievement in short-short storytelling

Homage to a Catalonian Christmas

Directed by Greg Wilcox - Des Moines, IA