2010 Short Short Story Film Festival

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Neon Skin

Dir. Grant Scicluna - Melbourne, Australia

Sensual connection made without seeing

The Other Side Of The Street

Dir. Kim Pettersson - London, UK

Two people sleeping outside overnight

El Pianógrafo (The Pianographer)

Dir. Eduardo Brenes - San José, Costa Rica

Dreaming of escape through music


Dir. Ruairi O'Brien and John Kennedy - Dublin, Ireland

Visiting escort with unexpected results

Frosty Man and the BMX Kid

Dir. Tim McLachlan - Auckland, New Zealand

An adventure in God's country

The Children's Tree

Dir. Abel Ruiz-Vazquez - Brussels, Belgium

Girl and butterfly grow tree


Dir. Bruno Vaks - Brazil/USA

Smile travels throughout the city

Juan del Monte (John of the Hill)

Dir. Juan Carlos - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fox tricks hens to survive


Dir. Laura Brocken - Jersey, UK

A woman's innermost thoughts revealed

The First King

Dir. Pedro Lino - Portugal/UK

History of Portugal's first king

Mark and Tom

Dir. Tim Baldini - Los Angeles, CA USA

Hitchhiker attempts helping lost traveller

Guns, Bees & Tadpoles

Dir. John McCloskey - Derry, Northern Ireland

Remembering "troubled" seventies summer day

Los Gritones (The Screamers)

Dir. Roberto Pérez Toledo - Madrid, Spain

Shouting feelings for each other

Separations Agency

Dir. Shane Martin - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Man gets dumped barbershop style

Make Piece

Dir. Jo Wallace - London, UK

Machinist tries reassembling broken heart

A Tree and A Flower

Dir. Tomoko Oguchi - New York, NY USA

Vegetation romance across the seasons

Capicúa (Palindrome)

Dir. Roger Villarroya - Barcelona, Spain

Life seen from either end

'TWas A Terrible Hard Work

Dir. David Quin - Thurles, Ireland

Coal miners recount their labors


Dir. Lawrence Lim - Sydney, Australia

Simple gestures have deeper meanings

A-diòs (See You)

Dir. Dairo Cervantes - Bogotá, Colombia

Widower wishes for wife's presence


Timeless Confessions

Dir. Vincenzo Cosentino - Catania, Italy

Reflections on world economic crisis

The Story Of David Leonard Sutton

Dir. Alfonso Díaz - Spain/UK

Everybody loves David - except me

Den Ulykkelige Kvinnen (The Unhappy Woman)

Dir. Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen - Oslo, Norway

Filmmaking process gets too personal

Al Buio (Into The Gloom)

Dir. Giacomo Arrigoni - Milan, Italy

Wife's fable of domestic prison

Il Etait Une Fois (Once upon a Time)

Dir. Frédéric Coince - Petit-Mars, France

Animated Bloody Riding Hood tale


Dir. Hye-ryeom Yoon - Incheon, S. Korea

Mother threatens son over homework


Dir. Valery Schatz - Paris, France

Nebraska's child abandonment law considered

Mr. Foley

Dir. D.A.D.D.Y. - Dublin, Ireland

Patient tormented by hospital soundtrack

Une Ville Une Utopie Réalisée (Utopia City)

Dir. Emmanuel Bellegarde - Paris, France

What is an ideal city?

Working Day

Dir. Andrés Borghi - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Building country with own hands


Dir. Nolan Sarner - Toronto, Canada

Interviewee grilled by unusual boss


Dir. Nacho Vigalondo - Madrid, Spain

Marisa isn't just one woman

Farat (The Lighthouse)

Dir. Velislava Gospodinova - Sofia, Bulgaria

Birds drawn to lighthouse doom

Non è Poi Così Terribile (It Is Not So Terrible)

Dir. Beniamino Sulfaro - Milan, Italy

A dying man's last words

Menschenbeifall (The Approval of Others)

Dir. Eric Giessmann - Dormagen, Germany

Mutiny on an oil platform


Dir. Pierre Zandrowicz - Paris, France

Burying evidence of family secrets

En La Orilla (On The Shore)

Dir. Rosa Berned - Madrid, Spain

Boyfriend's death creates waking nightmare


Dir. André Bergs - Utrecht, Netherlands

Hunter and prey reverse roles

Perpetuum Mobile

Dir. Sebastian Kenney - Zürich, Switzerland

Rescuer becomes victim becomes rescuer

I Want To Spend The Rest of My Life With You

Dir. Manuela Moreno - Madrid, Spain

Lifelong love at traffic light

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SSSFF 2010 Venues

Red River

Red River Theatres

Concord, NH

November 27, 2010


Flywheel Arts Collective

Easthampton, MA

November 21, 2010

Big Picture

Big Picture Theater and Cafe

Waitsfield, VT

November 13, 2010