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Featuring a cross-cultural musical journey united in voices and rhythms, Transworld Airwaves broadcasts every other Sunday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Eastern (US) on WZBC 90.3 FM in Boston, Massachusetts.

WZBC is a broadcast service of Boston College in Newton (Boston).

The show is syndicated on the Pacifica Radio Network in North America as well.

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ArtistSong TitleRecordingLabel
VaevSilkeSlojfen *GO Danish Folk Music
VaevKaren Fra Dansen with SkottisSlojfen *GO Danish Folk Music
6hunesseqNuta, InimeneMa Olen Maa Peal V66ras - As A Guest On Earth I Wander *Folk Estonia
Johanna-Adele JussiSolsnurrSlatter Fra Gaupdalen IV (Tunes from the Lynx Valley IV) *Ta:lik Records
Johanna-Adele JussiSnuSlatter Fra Gaupdalen IV (Tunes from the Lynx Valley IV) *Ta:lik Records
RuttusoundMetsoTropikantele *Eclipse Music
RinneRadioBirths TodayBalladium *Rockadillo Records
Svavar KnuturRefurAhoy! Side B *Nordic Notes
Martynas LevickisThe Dawn Is BreakingAutographAccentus Music
GåteSkarvaneVandrar *Gåte/Indie Recordings
GåteHamloyparVandrar *Gåte/Indie Recordings
La Riippa GroupMy Dear homeAwake *La Riippa Group
La Riippa GroupA Short FlightAwake *La Riippa Group
GarmarnaDin GravForbundet - Connected *Season Of Mist

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